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    Residential Architecture Projects

    Claudio J. Noriega, A.I.A. has been providing its professional architectural and interior design services for over 30 years. We have designed some of the best buildings in Florida and nearby areas including Miami Dade Police Headquarters, Gateway Office Building, Doral Police Station Miami, Nursing Home in New Britain, CT, Bank Building, Pembroke and more. As a professional architectural firm, we provide several services in architectural space and below are examples of our work in Residential Architecture.

    • Our designs follow the common rules and trends to create smart, socially conscious living spaces your own way.
    • Our designs are open and airy with lots of windows.
    • Functionality is as important as color and comfort.
    • We use new materials in new ways.
    • Our furnishings are as pleasing to the eye as they are comfortable to the body.

    • Our kitchens are high-tech and up to date with technology.
    • Our designs are simple, are practical, and are beautiful.
    • Our designs will make you proud of the uniqueness of living in a house designed by an architect for modern times.
    • You will be exhilarated to own and use furniture and products that are exceptionally well designed and selected.

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